Plastic production & repair

Plastic Repair

KWB Plastic Repair is a separate department within KWB Air Systems, which specialises in repairing plastic products such as pallet boxes, containers, pallets and tanks. 

Existing plastic products are given a second life, which results in a significant cost reduction for the client.

Our specialised and certified employees can perform repairs both in the workshop and at your location.

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Plastic production:

When it comes to processing plastics for a new product or as a sustainable replacement of, for example, steel, KWB Air systems is happy to assist you. In our workshop, our expert staff works on various types of plastic products, such as:

  • Buffer tanks 
  • Drip trays 
  • Hair filters
  • Piping
  • Machine construction
  • Dosage installations
  • Specials such as: engine supports, funnels and snow ploughs  

KWB Air Systems processes the following plastics using wire, mirror and butt welding:

  • HDPE
  • PP
  • PVC
  • PVDF







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