Test scrubber on location in action

12 February 2021

We carry out air flow tests on location for example to reduce odor Read more

Delivery KWB Air systems scrubber in South Korea

1 October 2020

Almost 10 years we provide together with our Korean partner, the new and existing pig houses in South Korea with the high-quality air scrubbers from KWB Air SystemsRead more

KWB Air Systems from Deurne is responsible for the reduction of Amoniak and Odor for the Mega-digester of “NDM Naturewertstoffe”

17 July 2020

Besides energy, NDM Naturwertstoffe also wants to extract high-quality raw materials from manure. This multi-million dollar project is an initiative of 90 farmers. 6 years after the foundation of...Read more

Impression mounting KWB combi air scrubber (Signum 6243)

26 June 2020

Together with our partner Schauer Agrotronic AG, we provide the new and existing pig houses in Switzerland with the high-quality biological combi air scrubbers from KWB Air SystemsRead more

Air scrubber for livestock farming ready for transport

22 June 2020

An existing customer has again opted for the high quality of KWB air systemsRead more

Market on the move

3 May 2020

As always, the market for intensive livestock farming is on the move. For our Belgian and Swiss customers, we are engaged in the construction of biological combi air scrubbers (signum 6243) for...Read more