DLG 6243 certificate

4 April 2023

The administrative transfer of the DLG 6243 certificate has been completed. CBgroep is official service partner and dealer.

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Takeover by CBgroep

9 March 2023

From March, CBgroep from Belgium will take over our activities.Just like with us, quality is very important for them. Through our dealer network, CBgroep will be able to scale up their...Read more

Construction of a KWB industry air scrubber for the slaughterhouse Compaxo in Zevenaar (NL)

18 January 2022

In collaboration with our partner Stable Brothers B.V. from Genderen (NL) we are going to provide the air washer for the new construction of the Compaxo slaughterhouse in Zevenaar. We will...Read more

A multi-stage chemical air washer for an industrial drying process.

29 July 2021

This air washer is used as an end-of-pipe technology for an industrial drying process. In addition to a guaranteed optimal function, this is made of the mostly high-quality HDPE plastic with...Read more