Are you looking for an affordable solution that adequately captures dust, odours and ammonia so your stables don’t hinder their surroundings? KWB Air Systems supplies and installs chemical and biological air washers for the intensive livestock sector and the agricultural industry.

The KWB Air Systems are officially DLG certified and have undergone a Signum test. In addition, our air washers have RAV (ammonia and livestock farming regulation) accreditation. 

In addition to air washers, we also produce various plastic products, such as buffer tanks, drip trays, hair filters, dosage installations, etc. 



From March 2023, CBgroep from Belgium will take over our activities.Just like with us, quality is very important for them. Through our dealer network, CBgroep will be able to scale up their production of high-tech air purification systems.  More information:



Our mission is to offer guaranteed solutions in air washing systems for the intensive livestock sector and the industry. We have years of practical experience in various air purification techniques and we are happy to assist you. In addition, we offer fitting solutions in plastic production and repairs.