• BWL and DLG certified
  • User and maintenance friendly
  • Turnkey system
  • Guaranteed ROI
KWB Air Systems

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KWB air washers

Turnkey installation

Are you looking for an affordable solution that adequately captures dust, odours and ammonia so your stables don’t hinder their surroundings? KWB Air Systems supplies and installs chemical and biological air washers for the intensive livestock sector and the agricultural industry.

The KWB Air Systems are officially DLG certified and have undergone a Signum test. In addition, our air washers have RAV (ammonia and livestock farming regulation) accreditation.


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1 October 2020

Delivery KWB Air systems scrubber in South Korea

Almost 10 years we provide together with our Korean partner, the new and...

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26 June 2020

Impression mounting KWB combi air scrubber (Signum 6243)

Together with our partner Schauer Agrotronic AG, we provide the new and...

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