KWB Air Systems from Deurne is responsible for the reduction of Amoniak and Odor for the Mega-digester of “NDM Naturewertstoffe”

17 July 2020

Besides energy, NDM Naturwertstoffe also wants to extract high-quality raw materials from manure. This multi-million dollar project is an initiative of 90 farmers. 6 years after the foundation of the collective, the time has come for the manure processing project of 90 German livestock farmers to run. In Velen, about 15 kilometers across the border at Winterswijk, a brand new manure factory is showing off. With their company NDM Naturwertstoffe, the farmers want to upgrade 200,000 tons of manure annually to high-quality raw materials for industry and agriculture. The process techniques in the factory are known in the manure world, such as fermenting, separating, drying and stripping to separate the phosphate, potash and nitrogen from each other. The fact that manure is fermented can be smelled before arrival. The installation is close to the main road from Winterswijk to Borken. Anyone interested in livestock farming will notice the factory. Nevertheless, fragrance will not be a problem. KWB Air Systems guarantees that. Initially, a bio-bed was also provided for odor reduction, but due to the proper functioning of the KWB Air Systems air scrubber with regard to odor, a bio-bed is not yet necessary. The digester with manure processing plant from NDM in Velen, Germany. 90 livestock farmers have stuck their necks out with this project. Into the future with KWB Air Systems!

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